In this game, you control a bananinja to steal as many bananas as you can. 

As a bananinja, you have three main abilities: throwing bananas, dashing, and speeding up. Remember to use your abilities wisely and look for hints around the level to effectively steal and to avoid dangerous situations. 

Game controls:

  • Movement: W A S D || Arrow Keys 
  • Interact: Middle mouse button || Left Shift
  • Switch ability: Right mouse button || Left Alt 
  • Use ability: Left mouse button || Left Ctrl 

Tip: You have three life points, but don't get caught by guards :).

The game is made for GameIt! Jam from April 24, 2019 to May 1, 2019. For this jam, Ha Nguyen (Over-Dramatics) works with Theodore Riley (TJ - https://tjriley.artstation.com/)  to create the game.

Install instructions

For Mac users, run .app file.

For Windows users, run .exe file.


Bananinja - Mac Version 40 MB
Bananinja - Windows Version 23 MB